Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Deal: 8GB Class 10 Micro SDHC Memory Card with Adapter

I try not to spam you too often with deals that I think are mildly interesting or fairly good. :)

But, if you happened to be in the market for a new SD card for your camera - this one might fit the bill nicely.
I personally didn't jump on this deal because we just bought a new 32GB card for our new camera. Yeah, our old camera died. :(   So we had to upgrade. :)

Anyways, the Class rating on SD cards is important when you start saving video and taking lots of high res pictures. The higher the Class rating, the faster the read/write times to the card. New cameras suggest at least a Class 4 or 6. Obviously, the higher the Class rating, the more expensive the card.

Another caveat to this deal is that you'll want to check out your camera's maximum SD card size that it can handle. It won't do you any good to buy this 8GB card and find out that your camera only can handle a 4GB card. Essentially, you'll pop it in, and your camera will only see 4GB instead of the true 8GB. It can be a bit difficult to find the actual specs on max card size for your camera, so some searching may be involved.

The fact that the actual memory is just the microSD form factor size is not an issue. Even if your camera only accepts the standard SD form factor size, the adapter will not negatively affect performance because it is just a direct connection pass through adapter. I just smile at how a standard was adopted and technology zoomed on ahead.

This might be a good deal, if I needed more cards for my camera. I also thought it might work as an upgrade to my current jump drive, but then I'd need a USB adapter like this.
Suddenly, it's not such a great deal. Too bad it didn't come with that kind of adapter to begin with. Although, it's so tiny, it's hard to hold on to and not lose. A friend of mine already lost his.
And if I'm going to spend $12 on an adapter, I start to wonder why I didn't just go for a 17million and one card reader, but that wasn't the original intent, so yeah, back full circle. This might be a good deal if I wanted a smaller card...whatever.

Final thoughts: The deal isn't so hot for some because of the rebate. Additional research on Amazon and Newegg also shows only average reviews. But, regardless, I hope the above information will aid you in your quest the next time you upgrade.


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