Friday, May 21, 2010

Popular Science

Popular Science (1-year)If you have not ever read an issue of Popular Science - you are missing out. Each issue is packed with futuristic ideas that might change our world, close-ups are provided into the tech gadgets we use, or the jobs that keep our worlds running smooth. My favorite part of the magazine is near the back and is the How 2.0 section aptly named the Tips, Tricks, Hacks and Do-It-Yourself Projects section.

Knoppix Hacks: Tips and Tools for Using the Linux Live CD to Hack, Repair, and Enjoy Your PCIn the April 2010 issue they covered things like making an atomic clock, compressed air fires, award winning Transformers Movie inspired projects, and Virtual PC's. In the article they covered Microsoft's Virtual PC which is available as an integral part of Windows 7. However, I thought they were remiss in not mentioning some of the other options. If you have ever wanted to try out Linux or if you have ever wanted a repair tool then Knoppix and Ubuntu should be on your list. Ubuntu comes in a full OS or like Knoppix can be booted and ran directly from the disk. I used this feature on occasion to familiarize myself with the Linux operating environment and to just generally try out new things.

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