Thursday, September 6, 2012

Avoid the ID10T Error

You may have heard it, or you may have been told that you were experiencing an ID10T error. And now that you see it written out, you immediately know that you do not want to experience this kind of user error. So, how do you prevent yourself from becoming just another ID10T error, or even several other well known user errors?

Look Twice.

It's surprising how often some of the most frustrating problems are caused by NPI. Not Plugged In!

This is especially true if you've recently ripped open your computer and are frantically troubleshooting what could be wrong during finals week. You're desperately trying different ideas, and suddenly...nothing happens. Wait! It was working, sort of, just a minute ago. What just happened?

Oh, yeah, plug it back in.
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  • the power cord
  • the memory card
  • the battery

Save yourself from receiving the ID10T label and check to see if your problem isn't just NPI.

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