Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How to get Two Tax Refunds In One Year

Banner, Vinyl Instant 24-Hours Tax Refunds, 4' x 12'Sounds tantalizing, doesn't it? Two tax refunds?! My tastebuds begin to buzz and I can smell the smoke coming from my pockets as they almost start to burn just thinking about receiving two tax refunds in one year. Is it legal? How can it be possible?

This year, I received my two tax return refunds in the same week. First, I received my 2009 tax refund via direct deposit, and second, my 2008 tax refund deposited back into my savings account after sitting in a fat one year certificate of deposit. Okay, so that sounded a bit anticlimactic, but when I look at my savings account it just feels awesome. My opportunities this year are two fold that of last year. Many people ask the question, "What should I do with my tax return?" The answers are varied and range from blowing it all on fun and gadgets to paying down debt. Some people already have mentally spent their tax returns even before they hit the bank.

Blue Hat Fun 2 Save Kids Electronic ATM BankLast year, I had the unique opportunity of delaying my gratification of receiving my 2008 tax refund in exchange for a special one year CD with a fat rate of 5.7%, available only through my local credit union. Back in 2005 my online savings account was earning me 5%, but in 2009, it was hardly even 1%. The offer of 5.7% was a steal of a deal. The conditions were that the CD had to be funded with your tax return refund. I was so glad that I didn't already have my refund spent mentally or on credit! 

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