Friday, April 9, 2010

Reuse Blogger Pictures In Future Posts

Pictures are worth a thousand words. However, pictures take up valuable storage space and Blogger only gives you 1024 MB or 1 GB of storage for your Blogger albums.

How do you reuse a picture that you have posted before? Rather than upload the same picture all over again into your new blog post, open up a new tab, or window and head over to Picasa Web Albums. This is where all your current Blogger pictures are stored.
NOTE: If you delete pictures from your Web Albums - they will also disappear from your blog posts.

When you have found the image that you want, click on it. You should see a screen similar to this below.

On the right hand side there is an option to "Link to this Photo". Clicking on it reveals more options.
If you want the HTML code, then select the "Hide Album Link" checkbox. The more familiar method would be to select the "Image Only" checkbox and to copy the link provided.
Then, go back to your blog post you are editing and insert an image. 
This time, however, provide the web address that you copied from Picasa Web Albums and voila! You can reuse the photo again.

For example, you can see that I reused the ShareBuilder logo here and here.

Happy Blogging!

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