Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Which Tax Forms Do I Need?

This is a handy reference table that my local credit union provided to me to prepare for tax season this year. Granted, if you are using software, the questions you answer will determine behind the scenes which forms to fill out. This list may be useful if you are unsure about a certain question and need some additional information. Visit IRS.gov and pull up the appropriate schedule or form for more detailed instructions. If you need State specific tax forms, the IRS will redirect you to this link.

Forms Needed

If You Have:                           Form or Schedule
Itemized deductionsSchedule A
More than $1,500 of interest or dividend incomeSchedule B
Business IncomeSchedule C or C-EZ & SE
Capital gains or lossesSchedule D
Income from rents, royalties, partnerships, estates, trusts, & S CorporationsSchedule E
Earned Income CreditSchedule EIC
Farm IncomeSchedule F, SE, J
Household employment taxesSchedule H
Real Estate taxes, new vehicle taxes, or disaster lossSchedule L
Making Work Pay Credit or Government Retiree CreditSchedule M
Credit for the elderly/disabledSchedule R
Self-Employment taxSchedule SE
Employee business expensesForm 2106 or 2106-EZ
Child or dependent care expensesForm 2441
Moving ExpensesForm 3903 or 3903-F
Farm Rental IncomeForm 4835
Tax on early distributionsForm 5329
Non-cash charitable contributionsForm 8283
A loss from a passive activityForm 8582
Unearned income of child under age 25Form 8615
Additional child tax creditForm 8812
Education creditForm 8863
Retirement savings contribution creditForm 8880

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