Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ShareBuilder Free Money Promo Code

ShareBuilder sent me an email promotion for a free $50 new account sign up bonus.
Buy stocks for $4 with automatic investing
•    Select from over 7,000 stocks and ETFs
•     Schedule investments on a weekly or monthly basis
•     Invest any dollar amount on Tuesdays exclusively online

We'll jump start your investing with a $50 account bonus.
Go to www.ShareBuilder.com/em/SBE50 to open your account today and we'll match the first $50 you deposit. Offer expires 4/30/10.

The cool thing about this promotion is that there is no requirement to actually make an investment. Just drop in your $50 and you make another $50. That's sweet!

I like ShareBuilder and like the setup that they have. Their system favors dollar cost averaging and is geared towards set it and forget it automatic investing. ShareBuilder would be a great place to do your "core" investing.

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