Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Favorite Games: Settlers Of Catan

Boardgame anyone? What that does not sound exciting anymore? Monopoly just not as appealing today?
The Settlers of Catan
There has been renewed interest in board games thanks to the recent success of some original European designed games and their English language publishers like Rio Grande Games, Mayfair Games, and Days of Wonder.

My first foray into the alternative board game styles was Settlers of Catan. Many people have found several new and exciting boardgames from Europe. A great site to explore more games is They offer forums, user add-ons, photos, detailed descriptions, and more.

Settlers of Catan is a great family strategy game. Chances are, judging from its success, you have already played this wonderful game. From the game site,
Compete with your opponents to discover and settle the choicest lands and seaports. Gather resources, trade with friends and foes, and build roads and settlements—all in a quest to be master of Catan.

What can we learn from Settlers of Catan that applies to the world of Personal Finance?
The Settlers of Catan 5-6 Player Extension

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