Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sword of Truth Series: The Pillars of Creation Review

The Pillars of Creation (Sword of Truth, Book 7)The Sword of Truth series continues with Terry Goodkind's seventh installment: The Pillars of Creation. 

This book was a well written story. I was rather surprised that Richard and Kahlan do not become part of the story until the last 100 or so pages! The need to advance the story requires the use and aid of new characters and new adversaries. The problem with killing off all your characters and defeating your adversaries in any story is that you have to create new ones if you have a sequel or continuation. If that character is of any importance then significant back story must be created as well.

This can go both ways. Some readers will become distracted by the different branches that are created later on, albeit they stem from the same world. Other readers relish more content in the original world, regardless of whether or not it follows the original main characters.

I viewed Pillars of Creation as an investment into the future of the Sword of Truth series. It is a risk to devote an entire book to a new character or set of characters. If they contribute to the story line in a good way, then the investment pays off in future books. The new characters are a significant risk.
Sword of Truth, Boxed Set III, Books 7-9: The Pillars of Creation, Naked Empire, Chainfire
I must say that the character building was done well overall. However, one of the characters, Oba, felt more like a third person view of his character progress. That was a bit different.

Why haven't I checked out the next book already? I need a break. I have neglected my to do list long enough and I stayed up too late too many times reading Pillars of Creation.

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