Friday, March 19, 2010

Monetize Your Blogger Blog Using Amazon Associates

Google has integrated Amazon Associates into Blogger for an additional way for you to earn revenue from your blog. You can have immediate access to product searches and customized links when enable the Amazon Associates widget. The widget will appear on the side of your "New Post" page, the Blogger Editor, where you go to craft your latest blog entries. It will not show up on your homepage unless you add it to your layout as well. The widget for your homepage is for you visitors to search amazon products or to have products relevant to your most recent post. The widget that shows up when you are typing up your posts is a handy search tool that allows for quick and easy insertion of text links, or image links of products directly into your blog content. This can be useful if you are doing a product review or in my case - you wanted a relevant image to go along with your content and you were too lazy to go find something from a free stock photography site. Hope that helps!  Three screen shots are included below.
Note: An Amazon Associates ID is required for this to work. Get an Amazon Associates Account.

Once you have the widget enabled, head on over and start your next post. 

Has the addition of Amazon Associates to Blogger been helpful to you?

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  1. This is a great post--I'll have to remember you've done this for when people ask--I can send them over. :)



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