Friday, February 26, 2010

Be Happy AND Fit - At Work

DeskerciseGet more exercise at the workplace by going out of your way, taking the long way. Not always applicable to everyone, but in large corporate offices it might work. 

Print to a printer further away.
Use the restroom on a different floor
Park on the wrong side of the building. 

Some of these tactics provide a break, a chance to stretch, and get you walking further. You may also run into people you haven't met before. Of course, it would be inefficient to go get something off the printer every hour on the wrong floor, but the idea is right. Tailor it to your needs. 

And don't forget to smile at all of your co-workers that you don't know. You will feel refreshed and ready to focus on your task again, and your heart rate will have increased and your oxygen intake as well. Both help you stay awake and be more alert.

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