Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sword of Truth Series: Soul of the Fire Review

Soul of the Fire (Sword of Truth, Book 5)Quotable Quotes from Soul of the Fire
Yeah, I didn’t find any. Mostly because this novel was hard to get into. Chickens, chickens, and more chickens. The talk about chickens was a little out of style and it kind of drug on. Then suddenly, there was an alternate story that was going on that had to be developed so that Richard could journey there.  

There was also several instances that left you really wanting more and really believing if it could have happened that way – not disbelief that Richard could use subtractive magic and wipe away a mountain, but that Cara, a Mord Sith, could be bested by an amateur. Okay, so maybe Fitch got away with the Sword of Truth for a while, but he managed to outrun her all the way back to Anderith from Aydindril? And no mention of anything in between those two events is given.

I am also frustrated that Zed is no longer a major character. Cara is more of an important character than Zed these past few books. Zed just has to keep getting minimal treatment and swept aside and out of the way so he cannot help, even if he is a First Wizard. This, I guess, is so that the story can continue to concentrate on Richard and he can save the day again, even though as he continually reminds us – he is just a woods guide.

Again, I was really disappointed with the dynamic of the book. 100 pages to detail chickens and a few days. 100 pages of other fine detail development. And then in one sweeping gesture the book wraps up and is concluded. You would think that now that the reader has come this far and is this engrossed in the novel that we would enjoy a few more details about how the awesome deed of saving the world was accomplished. Instead, after a few pages, we can set the book down and sigh with relief because Richard saved the day again. But it’s okay,he is just a woods guide. The plot line in this book was weak. Some events need time to accomplish and that is okay. Like it takes Jagang’s army quite a while to move. Fine. But instead of hurrying up to just sit around and wait – no, that is not fun. What I am trying to say is that unreasonable things happened to accommodate the timeline.

I don’t want to be exceptionally harsh. It was still a great novel and it continues the story in a most fantastic world. The attention to detail is wonderful and an entire culture and city were developed. Ironically, all that work will shortly be trampled. However, the politics and social interactions are very well written. Manipulation is the work of the evil people. Oh, and one last note, there was only one prophecy in this book given and it was never even spoken about later on. Du Chaillu had a dream about Richard would be on fire. I don’t think it was really resolved.

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