Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wrong Number

Wrong NumberWe have received a lot of wrong number phone calls to our new home since we just moved and just got our new phone service connected. This happened at our last home, too. We moved in, set up service, and almost immediately we were fielding calls from several collection agencies all trying to find a certain woman. It took a while to convince them that we really were new people to that number before they would quit calling. 

In our new home we have received a number of funny calls as well. Some people immediately recognize that they have dialed a wrong number and hang up. Others just start in on a conversation at you and are surprised when you are not their best friend or whatever.

Funny as those all are - imagine if you received a wrong number call from a bunch of criminals reporting in that their dirty work is done. This is the premise of a new book that is ready to launch March 8th, 2010 aptly titled, Wrong Number written by Rachelle J. Christensen. From the back cover -

“I think you have the wrong number.”

When Aubree Stewart answers her cell phone on the way to work one day, she isn’t prepared for her life to change. Someone dialed a wrong number, a simple mistake. But the call changes everything when Aubree overhears information about the murder of a government official. Now she must run for her life as the caller tries to eliminate her.
Aubree is placed in the witness protection program, but when the FBI’s protection fails, she heads out on her own. She soon realizes she’ll never stop running until she can solve the mystery behind the wrong number. Unable to trust anyone but herself, she’s cautious about accepting the help of a Park Ranger named Wyatt Erickson. As she struggles to keep herself hidden from the enemy, she finds it harder to protect her heart.
Teeming with government plots, a dash of romance, and plenty of intrigue, Rachelle J. Christensen’s Wrong Number will have your heart pounding the next time the phone rings!

I had the unique opportunity of working closely with this emerging author and reviewing her manuscripts and proofreading and other editing help as requested. It was a lot of fun to read a story and be able to work with the author as she shaped the story and brought it to life. It is a great read and will keep you turning pages all the way to the end.

Sorry, Wrong NumberSome of you may have stirring recollections of a similar story. Indeed, I too think that this story plays along a similar plot line found in an old radio show that was later expanded to film in 1948. I also saw a college theater performance a few years ago that was grand. 

What is your editing/authoring story?
Have you received any funny or scary 'wrong number' phone calls?
If you have read the book - let us know in the comments!

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  1. Thanks for the review, Pack. The wrong number stories are funny. We had the same problems when we moved. :)



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