Thursday, February 25, 2010

How to Move Yourself Across the Country

20 Moving Boxes and Supplies #1Oh, the joys of moving.....A friend of mine recently asked me for some advice on moving. He knew that I had recently completed my move out East and that I had managed it by myself.  This is my response to him in hopes that it might help you as well if you ever need to move.

Well, there were lots of places we went online. If you are looking for a truck to haul your stuff you have two options.
1) Get a Uhaul. Remember - you have to drive it, and you have to fuel it up on the way.
2) Use service from the big green, yellow letters, ABF trucks.

With Upack, you still have to load the truck (hence upack) but they come drop off a trailer in your yard or parking lot for you. When it is loaded, they usually give you 3 days to load it, they will come pick it up and drive it off. 5-10 days later it arrives at your destination and you have another 3 days to unload it. Do not worry though. They are really flexible. When we moved, we sent the truck away without a final destination address. How? They primarily ship terminal to terminal, and then make the last connection to your home. In fact, my brother in law actually did a one day uhaul and drove over to the terminal to load a truck rather than have it come to his house. I cannot remember why - but you can do it that way, too.
Their website, is pretty helpful and will explain most of this to you.

Harper Trucks PGCSK19BLKO Nylon Hand TruckThe biggest difference between upack and uhaul is that with upack you do not have to drive or pay for fuel. You get an estimate on how many feet of space you need and then fill up the truck. AND you only pay for the space you use. We got a quote for 24 feet and only used 20 feet, so they only charged us 20 feet. There is no penalty for using more or less.

Another option you can look into, if you need longer term storage is the PODS. Upack also has some relo cubes as they call them. You load up a container and then they ship it. But because it is a container, it is easier and cheaper to store for a month or three if you need the time.

I completely recommend upack. It was a lot less stressful to not have to drive the truck and it was way cheaper overall when considering cost of fuel. For example, from Rexburg to Iowa is 1,300 miles. A Uhaul truck might average 5-9 mpg! You might spend anywhere from $400-$800 on fuel.

If you need any other helpful hints or tips - just let me know. I feel pretty good about making a move now that we have done it twice. The first time I watched while a professional team moved me and so the second time I tried to do what they did. And, we didn't break anything, so that was good. I can give you some tips on how to pack your boxes, load the truck, etc. Just let me know.

Good luck!

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