Friday, February 19, 2010

Sword of Truth Series: Wizard's First Rule

Wizard's First Rule (The Sword of Truth)Author: Terry Goodkind
Series: The Sword of Truth
First Book: Wizard's First Rule
Genre: Fantasy
Associated New TV Series available on Legend of the Seeker
My rating halfway through the first novel: Five Stars *****, Muy excelente!
My Thoughts: Don't read it. You will hate me if you do. Why? Because there are seven or eight more books in the series! :)
Serious Thoughts: This guy knows how to do dialogue like nothing else I have read. You *know* exactly how the character feels and looks when they speak. It is really that good.
My wife loves the series and has already watched the first nine episodes and is reading during the day while I am gone at work and then gives me a chance to read at night when I am at home.
The series is okay. I watched the first episode until I found out it was based on real books to read. 

The Dark Is Rising (The Dark Is Rising Sequence)Funny thing is that this author and his series is very new. I am not sure if the series is done yet, but his last book just came out last year, the first was published in 1995. It is definitely different than C.S. Lewis and Tolkien. In fact an interesting thing is that besides his plot being the same struggle of light against dark - his main character is a "Seeker" - the same as in the Dark is Rising Sequence by Susan Cooper. Speaking of which - did you ever get to watch the movie "The Seeker" based on her books that came out last year?  We rented it.  It was good, but I think it only follows the idea of the story - because the conflict is resolved in a mere five days. I didn't remember that.  But I really don't remember much about the books anymore else than I liked them a lot - so I guess it is finally time to sit down and read them over again.

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