Saturday, February 27, 2010

Email Forwarding Etiquette

Email: The Manual: Everything You Should Know About Email Etiquette, Policies and Legal Liability Before You Hit SendA soapbox article on email forwarding etiquette.
If you must forward on emails, please strip them of all the guilt crap and 'please forward' this garbage. I find it hard to even enjoy the nuggets of wisdom when they are coated in crap. For example, if you think an email is worthy of a forward, send people the following.
First, personalize it a bit.
"I read these and they brightened my day, hope you'll enjoy them, too."
Or, just simply -
"I liked this."
Then include the message, and tone it down so it's not shouting at us. (Huge font sizes and bolded text and the USE OF ALL CAPS when writing equals shouting in the real world)

1) Give people more than they  expect and do it cheerfully.
2) Marry a man/woman you love to  talk to. As you get older, their conversational  skills will be as important as any other.
3) And so on and so on....
But if you liked it, please do not include the manipulative, guilt tripping, sob story, endings that usually accompany these.
In other words, if you noticed a nugget of gold in the message, clean off the crap and just pass us the gold. Otherwise, to some people it will seem like you are just forwarding on crap to them.
"Hi, I was thinking of you today and thought I should throw a cow pie in your face!"  :) 
"Hey everybody! I got a load of horse biscuits, why don't you have some?!"  :)
Sorry, I do not mean to rant, but that email with the burning house picture and promise of good luck and "it's been around the world ten times" really kind of tipped me off the edge and made me drag out my soap box.

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